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I can’t really pad out this article with much more than the title says. The only thing you really gotta know is that our Facebook Page will primarily be a place for posting “larger” gaming news, rather than targeted resources or stuff specifically related to our publications and articles. You’ll find:

  • Industry news (look for the #News hashtag)
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  • Links to new and upcoming RPG Kickstarter projects (look for the #Kickstarter hastag)
  • Discussion threads and forum posts relevant to a wide variety of games (no hashtag! Surprise!)
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Go there, LIKE the page, and comment!

And as always, you can follow our main man, Tim, on Twitter or at Google+. He’s got some gaming-related goodness on Pinterest, too.

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Ryuutama: Resources for the Natural Fantasy RPG

Ryuutama: Natural Fantasy RPG english cover

While the Ryuutama RPG’s creators run a fantastic website with a list of resources for the game, a small treasure trove of additional scenarios, add-on rules, and campaign world building advice exists on the internet. Let’s take a look at some of these, and I’ll try to update this as new things pop up!

(If you see something that should be included, shout out in the comments!)

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The Monsters Know What They’re Doing – A New Blog

I think he caught an Aboleth. is pretty happy to promote the works of others — I mean, 100% of my articles in the Resources section have long lists of links to the brilliant work of other folks in the gaming community — but sometimes there’s a thing that comes along that just speaks to us in a way that cries out for some epic promotion.

Today, that thing is a new blog titled The Monsters Know What They’re Doing.

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Cortex Plus Cheat Sheets Now Available at DriveThruRPG

Cortex Plus Cheat Sheets

The Cortex Plus Cheat Sheets have been released, bringing you flexible and editable cheat sheets for all three flavors of Cortex Plus that appear in the Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide: Action Roleplaying, Dramatic Roleplaying, and Fantasy Heroic Roleplaying! Check out some of the features below!

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Hexcrawling Revised!

Hexcrawling: Wilderness Exploration & Random Encounters

If you’re a fan of our work on the Dungeon Masters Guild, then you’re in for a treat!

One of our best selling titles, Hexcrawling: Wilderness Exploration & Random Encounters is getting a much needed facelift and — more importantly! — a significant rewrite and expansion! Look after the jump for more info.

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Get the Character Sheet for HEAD SHOT!

HEAD SHOT! Character Sheet

If you’re one of the fine folks that purchased HEAD SHOT! A Zombie Apocalypse Hack for Cortex Plus Action Roleplaying via DriveThruRPG, you probably just got an update that I’ve added a character sheet to the download!

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Out of the Abyss DM’s Kit & Screen Now Available!

Out of the Abyss DM's Kit & Screen

When brave heroes learn that the Demon Lords themselves have come Out of the Abyss, a perilous journey through the Underdark is Faerun’s only hope! An epic adventure path requires just the right tools to make it run fast and fun for Dungeon Masters, and the Out of the Abyss DM’s Kit & Screen provides all the reference material you need at your fingertips, as well as expanded and brand new story material to make your Out of the Abyss campaign even more fun!

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The Path of Legends Episode 5 Features Co-Host Tim Bannock

The Path of Legends Episode #5

The Path of Legends podcast is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition podcast brought to you by the TSR Podcast Network, and it now features Tim Bannock of as a Co-Host as of Episode #5!

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Converting Rappan Athuk to 5th Edition: Intro and Level 1C

Rappan Athuk Swords & Wizardry version

Converting adventure modules to Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition is a surprisingly painless process coming from earlier editions or 3rd party scenarios and OSR game systems. While I’ve done a fair amount of work with some AD&D 2nd Edition adventures, what you are about to see is my first time working with a 3rd party module, and it’s a doozy: Rappan Athuk, the Dungeon of Graves! (I used the Swords & Wizardry version.)

I went about this with a lot of preparation and a significant amount of structure, but what I learned is just how easy-breezy everything was. Join me as we take a look at converting the wilderness area surrounding Rappan Athuk, and one of its least frightening (though still very challenging!) levels.

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HEAD SHOT! Zombie Apocalypse Action Roleplaying is Now Available on DriveThruRPG

HEAD SHOT! A Zombie Apocalypse Hack for Cortex Plus Action Roleplaying

Check it out on DriveThruRPG!

When the dead return, hungry for brains, smart folk know that the only way to stay alive is to stick together.

HEAD SHOT! Zombie Apocalypse Action Roleplaying is a Cortex Plus Action hack focusing on the Player Characters as a team of survivors, thrown together by circumstance and working together to make it in a world overrun by zombies of many different varieties. There are only three things they have to do: (1) scrounge for resources, (2) avoid antagonistic survivors that want to steal their stuff, and (3) when they inevitably run into a horde of zombies…go for a HEAD SHOT!

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