Curse of Strahd As A One-Shot

Strahd astride his nightmare steed

The idea of boiling down the iconic adventure Curse of Strahd is one that isn’t exactly promising for a few reasons: Strahd works best when he shows up several times, there’s a lot of backstory conveyed through locations and NPCs in Barovia, and there’s several artifacts spread out across the realm that even the odds against Strahd and present their own sidequests. Castle Ravenloft itself is a big place, with hundreds of areas to explore.

But Strahd’s been around for decades, so literally thousands of players have already played through some edition’s version of the adventure surrounding Ravenloft’s key adversary, or they’ve read about his exploits and power-level. The iconic status that makes him the perfect enemy for a party is also what makes him so cool for players to challenge head-to-head over and over again. In fact, that’s a key element of the campaign: Strahd, as a Dark Lord of a domain in Ravenloft, may have no way of being permanently defeated, and so he will play out his torturous, unrequited love story for all of time.

For Halloween, I’ve attempted to boil down Curse of Strahd to its barest elements, and I think I’ve created something that can be finished in 4-6 hours of play while still revealing the story of Strahd. Let’s see what you think!

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Review: Stairway of V’dreen for Crimson Dragon Slayer

Stairway of V'dreen

Continuing to support the in-house Crimson Dragon Slayer system, Kort’thalis releases Stairway of V’dreen, a sandbox adventure in a world that is steadily being erased as its erstwhile gods have moved on to other creations. Further embracing the zaniness of author Venger As’Nas Satanis’ love for random tables, this adventure shines in creating a surprisingly consistent world whose erasure is prompted by a surprising — and self-effacing — twist that the PCs can directly interact with during the Paranoia-esque conclusion. Though it’s clearly a beer-and-pretzels, “jump in fast and see how quickly things get crazy” style of adventure, there’s a surprising amount of depth to be uncovered.

Rating: Content 3/5 and Form 5/5.

Read on for the full review!

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Raiders of the Lost Tomb: Chult Adventurer’s Guide now available

Raiders of the Lost Tomb: Chult Adventurer’s Guide

Raiders of the Lost Tomb: Chult Adventurer’s Guide by M.T. Black, Jeremy Forbing, R P Davis, Alex Clippinger, Mark Gellis, Cody Ashby, Leo David Pakirdjian, P.B. Publishing: Phil Beckwith, and Micah Innerarity is now available at the Dungeon Master’s Guild!

This supplement features two subclasses for every class in the Player’s Handbook, plus two for the Artificer, and one for P.B. Publishing’s bestselling Hex Witch class, for a total of 27 archetypes, 5 new races, new backgrounds, 50+ pages of spells, new feats, and more!

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Review: Slaves of Tsathoggua for Crimson Dragon Slayer

Slaves of Tsathoggua

Slaves of Tsathoggua is an old-school style dungeon crawl adventure for the Crimson Dragon Slayer 1.11 One Hour Game roleplaying game. It’s very much in the weird fantasy/sci-fi genre, featuring gonzo technology and a wild assortment of monstrous creatures, bizarre aliens, and terrifying horrors from worlds beyond our understanding. There’s a lot of strong roleplaying opportunities as well as some creepy combat encounters, but the weird situations call some attention to the weaknesses of such a simple and freeform system as is found in CDS 1.11. That said, it also speaks to the system’s strengths towards getting a solid adventure experience up and running in minutes, and the ease of conversion to nearly any OSR system — especially Swords & Wizardry, Castles & Crusades, OSRIC, Labyrinth Lord, and their progenitor early editions of Dungeons & Dragons — makes this experience immediately portable to whatever your flavor of game mechanics happens to be.

Rating: Content 4/5 and Form 5/5.

Read on for the full playtest review!

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A Little Mayhem Never Hurt Anyone

A couple days in and Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem is in position 42!

Since I don’t know what to write in an Afterword for my releases, I tend to ignore the story behind the scenes of many of my Dungeon Masters Guild releases. Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem was an absurdly long time in the making, however, and as such it accumulated a bit of a tale that I feel is worth telling, especially since it reveals my adventure-writing process.

So strap in for a short but revealing ride down 18 months of love and heartache…

…it’s not really that sappy. Trust me. But all the same, here it is.

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Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem is now available at the Dungeon Masters Guild!

Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem!

The full-length version of Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem has arrived at the Dungeon Masters Guild!

We posted the Free Preview Version a little while back, but seeing the finalized version of the full adventure is a dream come true! This adventure nearly died with a massive hard drive crash, so it’s become quite the storied creation around these parts. But now it is alive and in the wild, so let’s take a look!

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Forging the Realms: A DM’s Kit for Running the Realms now available at the DMsGuild

Forging the Realms: A DM's Kit for Running the Realms

We are proud to announce our first compilation — featuring nearly 50 pages of bonus never-before-published content — on the Dungeon Masters Guild:

Forging the Realms: A DM’s Kit for Running the Realms, available now for only $2.00 at the DMsGuild!

This guide compiles several releases that are tailor-made for making the Forgotten Realms campaign setting a joy to run, and includes nearly 50 pages of content that provides extra tables and lists for the DM’s tool box. Whether you’re new to Faerun and need some help making your campaign feel Realmsian, or you’re an old hat looking for new ways to invigorate adventure prep or at-the-table gameplay when the players go off the rails, this guide is for you! Let’s see what’s inside:

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News: Covers, Adventure Editing, Reviews, and Project Updates!

M.C. Chill and the ILL-Lith-Kid!

I don’t know if writing a news update of what we’re working on is a sign of “making it” in some form or it’s because of our incredible egos. But we’ve been pumping out products on Dungeon Masters Guild at a furious pace, working on some more of our patented super-detailed reviews, and we got picked to edit some stuff for fellow Dungeon Masters Guild writers. So, it seems like a good idea to tell people who care what’s going on in front of — and behind — the scenes.

So let’s see what’s just been released and what’s coming up!

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Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem free preview version now available at the Dungeon Masters Guild

Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem (Free Preview Edition)

Just added to the Dungeon Masters Guild: Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem (Free Preview Edition)!

This adventure for characters of levels 4-6 covers the ground floor of a three level experimental facility created by modrons! Build centuries ago to perform bizarre tests involving portals to the elemental planes, this abandoned facility was designated XK-247, and this particular floor is all about experiments involving water.

But if that sounds like a rather simple plot, get ready, because there’s way more than that going on! Let’s take a look.

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Old School Hacks Vol. 2: Player Roles is now available at the DMsGuild!

Old School Hacks Vol. 2: Player Roles

The latest Dungeon Master’s Guild release from neuronphaser is Old School Hacks Vol. 2: Player Roles, and it’s available today! For $3.95, you get:

This guide for players and DMs provides advice, options, tools, and handouts for helping your DM make the game easier to run, as well as adding Old School-style gameplay to 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Take the role of caller, mapper, timekeeper, quartermaster, or rules coordinator and use the provided handouts and illustrations to optimize your D&D games!

Let’s see what’s inside!

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