neuronphaser.com Avatarneuronphaser.com is operated by an editor, eCommerce consultant, web producer, and analyst living in sunny Hollywood, CA. His real name is Tim Bannock, but most people just call him Bannock.

He was introduced to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons by his older brother and older cousin (“older cousin” is actually the name of the business model around which most RPGs market themselves; the more you know!) back in the Dark Ages (circa 1985), and despite the herculean efforts of his significant other and loved ones, he continues to invest an inordinate amount of time and money into this and other tabletop roleplaying games.


What You’ll Find Here

  • Latest Articles (Home Page): Feed of articles, most recent post is first.
  • Resources: Tips, how-to’s, adventures and campaigns, adventure conversions to other systems, house rules, hacks, and lists of links gathering useful information from around the web into system- or theme-based articles.
  • Reviews: My reviews on the latest and greatest products for various game lines. (Yeah, I do a lot of D&D, but look around and you’ll find I do plenty of other stuff!)
  • Shop: An easy place to peruse our current line of Dungeon Masters Guild and DriveThruRPG products. These range from rules expansions, game aids, and adventures all the way up to new campaign settings.
  • Free Stuff: Content for various game systems that I have created, have permission to host, or have collected from various communities and offer free for your use and abuse. (Refer back to the Resources articles for way more of this sort of thing, but created and hosted by other amazing fans and luminaries of the RPG industry.)
  • RPG Archive: These articles collect various historical references germane to the RPG industry, often pulled from websites that have died and only exist in archive format.
  • About: What mad horrors guide the shenanigans on this site? (Answer: me!)
  • Disclaimer: Legal stuff that some lawyer-y type told me to write. (Just kidding, I told me to write it.)

Review Standards

With rare exceptions, reviews on neuronphaser.com are split into Content and Form sections, with each rated on a scale of 1 (garbage!) to 5 (Sweet Jeebus! Buy this right now!). Or, more formally:

1 out of 5 – Content: This product is useless. Form: This product looks like garbage.

2 out of 5 – Content: This product might be worth stealing some stuff from, but isn’t very strong at all. Form: This product is not good looking, or suffers from bad quality art and layout.

3 out of 5 – Content: This product might need improvements in presenting its information or improving the quality of the material, but certainly has some cool stuff worth stealing. Form: This product is utilitarian; you can find stuff, and it looks pleasing.

4 out of 5 – Content: This product has some great ideas, and/or it’s easy to find stuff quickly. Form: This product has high-quality artwork and the right visual cues to navigate around with ease.

5 out of 5 – Content: This product is immediately useful, has strong content, and should not be missed! Form: This product looks great and has ALL of the right visual tools to really pop, making it immediately useful at your game table.

Here’s what I’m looking out for in my reviews:

  • Is the book clearly laid out?
  • Does the book include necessary reference material (glossary, index, table of contents, page numbers) to make it easy to navigate when it is used for its intended purpose (such as game preparation, or at-the-table play)?
  • Is the editing (spelling, punctuation, grammar) good? (A few slips are okay; we all make mistakes.)
  • Is the form factor useful for the material’s intended purpose (basically, will it fall apart in general use, or does it require a ton of page-flipping or note-taking)?
  • Is the artwork both evocative of the material and of a level representative of the production values of the material?
  • Most importantly, is the material fun, interesting, and useful for gaming?

Although there is effort in keeping the reviews “clean,” the occasional strong word or two may creep in. Additionally, keep in mind that some overstatements and hyperbole are used for comedic effect; if you don’t like humor or can’t stand reading some degree of irony in your reviews, be a little leery of what you read on this site.

Editing & Proofreading Services

Looking for editing or proofreading services for your tabletop roleplaying game rulebook, supplement, setting, or adventure module? Check out Tim’s resumé and take a look at accolades he has received in the past.

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