Baby Bestiary Table Now Available for Free

Metal Weave Games recently put out two volumes in the Baby Bestiary line, allowing us to Discover the Adorable! when it comes to the pups, kittens, foals, and kids of various monstrous races in our fantasy RPG campaigns. The books include tons of advice for training these monsters, world-building information, ecology, and more. now brings you a Google Spreadsheet featuring a table of all the monstrous kiddos found in both volumes, but there’s more!

Tables for Baby Bestiary Vol. 1 and 2

Tables for Baby Bestiary Vol. 1 and 2

Click the image or click here for the table, which includes:

  • All of the baby monsters from both Baby Bestiary and Baby Bestiary 2!
  • Rating & description of each Intelligence Rating (Instinctual, Clever, Civilized, Superior, etc.).
  • Ratings for the Rearing Difficulties (Easy, Tricky, Challenging, etc.).
  • Links to the online SRD listings for most of the monsters, sourced from all three of the most popular SRDs: Swords & Wizardry, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, and Pathfinder!
  • Intelligence Score listings for the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and Pathfinder SRD references.

Note that some of the links and sourced monster listings aren’t yet complete. I’ll add more as I get the chance, and in the cases where the monster does not exist in an existing SRD (the Simurgh only appears in Pathfinder, for example), I’ll try to find a similar creature and note any changes or additions!

These links are also found in our Free Stuff section.

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