Behold the Interactive Map of Faerun

User loremaps posted a 3.5 Edition-era interactive map of Faerun in a thread at the official D&D Reddit. And it is crazy good, with some serious levels of detail when you click on any of the map reference pins!

Interactive Faerun Map

Interactive Faerun Map

Clicking on any of the pins will bring up a city or other site’s core information, such as:

  • Coat of arms
  • Regional information
  • Size and population statistics
  • Geographical and historical information
  • Special sites
  • A wiki-like list of appearances in various media (books from various editions of D&D, video games, etc.)
  • A gallery of related images from the different media references

It is the map from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting hardcover, which covers Faerun out to the Hordelands. Check it out!

(Psst, they also have some Game of Thrones maps at that link, too!)

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