Curse of Strahd DM’s Kit & Screen Now Available

UPDATE 4/18/2016: This product is back up and all logo issues are fixed Please check it out, and if you like it please rate and review!

The Curse of Strahd imperils the player characters at every turn when they enter The Mists and find themselves in the haunted land of Barovia. An epic adventure path requires just the right tools to make running it fast and fun for Dungeon Masters, and this DM’s Kit & Screen provides all the reference material you need at your fingertips, as well as expanded and brand new story material to make your Curse of Strahd campaign even more fun!

The Curse of Strahd DM’s Kit & Screen will ease preparation and referencing during play, streamline the campaign for shorter adventure lengths (or even one-shots), and expand encounter areas that had some problems (at least according to my review). For the price of a cup o’ joe, you can now have all the tools you need to make Curse of Strahd even more epic, plus easier to run no matter what length!

Read on for more details:

Curse of Strahd DM's Kit & Screen

Curse of Strahd DM’s Kit & Screen

The Curse of Strahd DM’s Kit & Screen includes:

  • Adventure options to run Curse of Strahd as a smaller campaign, long or short multiple-session adventure, or one-shot.
  • Three fully-detailed player Factions: The Dark Powers, the Order of the Silver Dragon, and the Keepers of the Feather.
  • Story and encounter expansions that will increase the role of Sergei and Ireena.
  • Alternative ways to utilize the Tsolenka Pass encounter area, making it much more vital to the campaign.
  • A resolution to “The Lost Gem” plotline featured in the Wizard of Wines chapter.
  • A section on options and balancing for especially dangerous encounters.
  • An extensive NPC Index, featuring page references for every named NPC in the adventure!
  • 6 pages of DM Screen inserts for your DIY or customizable DM screen of choice.

The DM Screen inserts include:

  • 2 landscape pages of Curse of Strahd-specific material (encounter tables, a location reference, index of useful rules, and a summary of Alterations to Magic).
  • 4 landscape pages of general D&D information, including all the core rules you need at your fingertips!

This releases uses art from ART915 Vampire Stock Art and ART002 Female Wood Elf Ranger Stock Art by Matthew Richmond, and the landscape pages for the DM Screen are perfect for the Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen.

Here are some screenshots.

A peak at the faction called The Dark Powers

A peak at the faction called The Dark Powers

And here’s a snapshot of the NPC Index. Every named NPC in the book is listed!

NPC Index from Curse of Strahd DM's Kit & Screen

NPC Index from Curse of Strahd DM’s Kit & Screen

And here’s a look at two of the Curse of Strahd-specific inserts for the Dungeon Master’s Screen. There’s also 4 pages of “generic” information, including Skill and Condition lists, typical DCs, trap DCs and damage, combat round summaries, and even the Madness tables from the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

DM Screen snapshot from Curse of Strahd DM's Kit & Screen

DM Screen snapshot from Curse of Strahd DM’s Kit & Screen

If you like what you see, pick it up! And if you find any issues, or have any tips to improve it, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments, or in the Discussion section of the product page on Dungeon Master’s Guild!

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