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The following documents and resources are offered for free so you can use them in your games or remix them to your heart’s content. Check back often for more files and resources. Also, check out the Resources section for articles featuring links to hundreds more free resources from dozens of other websites and authors for these games and many, many more.

Gygax's Legendarium: A compilation of original articles, essays, and interviews with Gary Gygax

Gygax’s Legendarium: A compilation of original articles, essays, and interviews with Gary Gygax

  • Gygax’s Legendarium is a free PDF compiling original articles, essays, and interviews with Gary Gygax from the 1971 to the 2000’s.

Dungeons & Dragons

D&D 5th Edition Monster Index — get it as a continuously updated Google Spreadsheet or as an occasionally updated PDF download — includes monsters and NPCs from all official Wizards of the Coast adventures, plus a couple 3rd party sources as well.

  • Baby Bestiary Tables – reference tables for Metal Weave Games’ Baby Bestiary series, including links to various SRD monster stats for Swords & Wizardry, Pathfinder, and Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.

Smartmonkey’s D&D 5th Edition Encounter Builder and Monster Index – via Drop Box.

Character & Party Tracker – via Google Docs.

Pre-generated Characters – via Google Docs.

Dungeon Master’s Guide Variants & Options Checklist – via Google Docs

Treasures of a Dragons Corpse – D&D 5E Adventure (PDF): “Treasures of a Dragon’s Corpse”

Forgotten Realms

Forgotten Realms Published and DUNGEON Adventures Spreadsheet – via Google Docs.

Arcane Age Map circa -626 DR / 3233 NY (Netheril Years) – via Google Docs.

Greyhawk Logo

The Greyhawk Calendar – PDF via Google Docs. This is a landscape layout version of the calendar featured here, and all respect goes out to the original designer!

Castles & Crusades

Castles & Crusades Castle Keeper Screen w/ House Rules – via Google Docs. Note that the house rules aren’t always called out, so you may need to make alterations for your own purposes.

The Lost Lands

Rappan Athuk Maps:

Dungeon World

“Fronts” Template – via Google Docs. Useful for almost any fantasy roleplaying game when managing antagonistic organizations, cults, and factions.

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

Marvel Heroic Player/Watcher Cheat Sheets – via Google Docs. Useful as a handout, reference sheet, or even in a DIY customizable Game Master Screen.

The following links are sites or forum threads with an unbelievable number of datafiles for characters not just from the Marvel Universe, but many other comic book universes and other media as well. (Obviously, I didn’t make this stuff, but it seems too good to pass up linking here!)

Firefly Role-Playing Game

Firefly RPG Master Trait Lists – via Google Docs.

Firefly RPG Trait Index – via Google Docs.

Firefly RPG Gamemaster Screen – via Google Docs.

HEAD SHOT! A Zombie Apocalypse Hack for Cortex Plus Action Roleplaying

HEAD SHOT! Character Sheet – PDF via Google Docs

HEAD SHOT! Character Sheet, Form-Fillable version – PDF via Google Docs

HEAD SHOT! Cheat Sheets/GM Screen – PDF via Google Docs (includes both portrait and landscape layouts)


Cortex Plus Monster Index – PDF that includes all monsters, NPCs, traps, and tricks included in the Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide and Fantasy Roleplaying: An Omnibus of Opponents.