Dungeons & Dragons: 101 Online Resources for Dungeon Masters

This article is simple and straightforward: a massive listing of links to resources, online generators, articles, and advice for Dungeons & Dragons and similar Old School-style games (OSR).

I’ll try to keep this as up-to-date as possible, and will always be adding new stuff, so check back often!

Updated 3/13/2016 – Added The Randomizer to Online Generators. Updated/removed dead links.

Dungeons & Dragons

Yeah, this game.

General Resources

Character Creation Tools

  • Lifepath Resources is a thread on RPG.net that gives tons of online and in-print resources for randomly generating (or cherry-picking) historical and personality details or traits for your Player Characters…which, of course, is also useful to DMs when developing NPCs either during prep time or on the fly.
  • Character Lifepath – but one of many such links that includes a d20 Lifepath Generator for character details.

Adventure Locations & Ideas

Dungeon generator

Definition of pixel-bitching?

Online Generators

  • Wizardawn Tabletop Games – randomly generate towns, NPCs, dungeons, random encounter tables, and so on.
  • Donjon – perhaps only rivaled by Wizardawn, this site has random generators for dungeons, NPCs, world maps, treasure, pick pocket loot, etc.
  • Discussion on Hex Crawls and Hex Mapping – detailed discussion and listings of helpful links for world-building with hex maps, as well as how to make hex-map-based exploration campaigns.
  • The Randomizer – download this program from GitHub and you’ve armed yourself with an incredibly robust suite of random generators for everything from names, adventure hooks, curses, and Deck of Many Things results all the way to dungeon dressing, attributes, full dungeon maps, and bars/pubs. It covers more than just fantasy, too, with sci-fi results, specific cultures (Egyptian, etc.), and more.

Traps & Puzzles



The World of Farland is a completely free, highly-detailed campaign world that’s been online for quite some time, and has been made available in every one of the past few editions. There are adventures, player resources, maps, Dungeon Master tools and generators, and much, much more.



  • Planescape conversion to DUNGEON WORLD – personal notes and ideas on working the Planescape setting into the Dungeon World rules. Along similar lines,
  • Sigil as a Hex Crawl – I had help from a poster on RPG.net in creating a Hex Map version of the City of Doors, great for determining exploration routes, neighborhoods, and plotting areas of Faction control.

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