Dungeons & Dragons 4E: Resources for the Chaos Scar Adventure Path

While it may not seem timely to make a big post about a 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure path that’s several years old now, there’s still a significant 4E audience out there, and the newly released Dungeon Command miniatures and boards integrate with the various Adventure System Board Games (Wrath of Ashardalon, et. al.) to allow for the creation of new scenarios… …or co-opting existing ones, like the Chaos Scar Adventure Path.

This post provides a full list of all the tied adventures in the path, something Wizards of the Coast seemed to forget to keep doing after only a few adventures in the path were published in the electronic pages of DUNGEON Magazine. Furthermore, other helpful links are provided to get more images, background, and detail on potential campaign paths or story arcs.

This post also updates all links, as Wizards’ website has archived the previous articles, changing the destination URLs with no redirects. Who knows if they’ll “stick” for long, so also feel free to check out dndclassics.com for Dungeon Magazine releases in PDF.

Restwell Keep

Basically, this is The Keep on the Borderlands

Campaign Resources and Links

The Chaos Scar

One of the Chaos Scar maps

The Real Full List of All Chaos Scar Adventures

All of these adventures are available through the archived DDI website tool, under DUNGEON Magazine.

Level 1

  • A Chance Encounter
  • Death in the Pincers
  • Den of the Slavetakers
  • Elves of the Valley
  • Eyes in the Forest
  • Stick in the Mud
  • The Brothers Gray
  • The Tainted Spiral

Level 2

  • Dead by Dawn
  • Down the Goblin Hole
  • Sliver’s Call
  • The Crossroads
  • The Hammer Falls
  • The Lost Library
  • The Shrine of Glass-Spire Forest

Level 3

  • The Crawling Fane
  • The Splintered Spring
  • Wayward Wyrmling

Level 4

  • Glowstone Caverns
  • The Pillar of Eyes
  • Vanguard Tower

Level 5+

  • Scarred for Life

Level 6+

  • Rumble in the Valley
  • The Radiant Mourn

Level 7+

  • Head in the Clouds
  • Scarblade
  • Reflections of Ruin
  • The Slaver’s Stone (DUNGEON says it’s 5-7 but the text inside clearly says levels 7-9)

Level 8+

  • Pit of Delerium
  • The Runecutter’s Ruin

Level 9+

  • Heart of the Scar
Chaos Scar Map (Alternate)

Another map with adventure locations

What were your experiences playing any of the Chaos Scar adventures?

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3 comments on “Dungeons & Dragons 4E: Resources for the Chaos Scar Adventure Path
  1. Chris says:

    I played this area with my group when we first began playing a few years back, and we had a lot of fun. If I remember correctly, the group got involved with the ants from Death in the Pincers, and then dangerously involved with the attempted rebellion in the Keep. This is a great little sandbox area that I can’t recommend enough!

  2. Jeff says:

    I’m running my current group through this and it’s going great. Lots of sandbox stuff you can put anywhere in the game. I’m running it using 5E and conversion is pretty easy.

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