Dungeons & Dragons 5E: A Dozen Resources to Get You Started

The following resources should be useful for your 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons games, from launch (August 2014) through the rest of forever!

I’ll endeavor to keep this posted updated with the absolute essential “Getting Started” materials, so check back often, and if you know of something that should be included shout it out in the comments!

The 5th Edition D&D Launch

The 5th Edition D&D Launch

Official D&D Resources

More on Monsters

Monster Manual Index Sorted by Challenge Rating – by Sly Flourish; found in a detailed review of the 5th Edition Monster Manual at Critical Hits.

…And several more such indices sorted by Challenge Rating:

New Monsters

User StoneStrix on Reddit has created a ton of new monsters, and — with several fine artists lending high-quality pix of the beasts — created a continuously updated PDF to supplement your Monster Manual! Here it is. And here’s the thread with more discussion and further updates.

Pregenerated PCs and NPCs

Encounter Building Resources

Expansive Online Tools

D&D 5E Dungeon Master Tools features nearly a dozen generators and calculators for encounters, dungeon and wilderness dressing, NPCs, and even plot or setting ideas. An additional digital resource, the Dungeon Master’s Folio is a robust suite of free tools you can use to plan campaigns, keep track of in-game notes, create homebrew monsters and items, store photos for your game, and more.

Lists of Products

UPDATE: The following two links have exhaustive lists of every D&D 5th Edition-compatible adventure and/or product from both official and unofficial sources. These are great lists for adventures, especially, as there are tons of those!

Lost Mine of Phandelver

Check out the Lost Mine of Phandelver Resources article for tons of maps, errata, and expansion ideas for the adventure that comes included in the D&D Starter Set!

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