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neuronphaser.com is proud to tease you with a handful of announcements: two adventure modules and two supplements (one a crazy revision/new edition) forthcoming at the Dungeon Masters Guild!

Let’s take a look.

Kobolds vs. Ogres! is a low- to mid-level adventure that focuses on a tribe of dragon-worshipping kobolds that, in growing out of control, have displaced a band of ogres. Forced to find a new home, the ogres drove some halfling farmers and vintners out of a village near Hardbuckler, and now are left trying to make themselves at home in some awfully tight quarters!

Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem is a mid- to high-level adventure that sees a party of adventurers traveling into the High Moor to determine why a river is drying up, only to discover a modron-created facility that has fallen into disuse. Things go from bad to worse once the party realizes a band of githyanki have attempted to establish this site as a new lair for themselves and their cohort — a petulant red dragon — but the macabre traps and guardians left behind by the modrons will plague all parties equally!

Snippet of the Sword Coast Baldurs Gate region by Derek Von Zarovich

Snippet of the Sword Coast Baldurs Gate region by Derek Von Zarovich

Both adventures share the general region in the map above — commissioned from Elven Tower‘s Derek Von Zarovich and now available to everyone via the DMs Guild. You can pick up the Baldur’s Gate – Forgotten Realms Stock Maps at dmsguild.com right now!

For the supplement side of things, you’ll be seeing:

Old School Hacks: Player Roles is chock-full of advice, tips, handouts, and organizational tools aimed at providing players with the “old school roles” of caller, mapper, quartermaster, timekeeper, and rules coordinator. Included are illustrative picture examples, mapping methods that are fun and simple, example map keys for folks that still wanna use their gridded paper, handouts that help track character resources and marching order in a simple-to-use format, and more.

Finally, Hexcrawling: Wilderness Exploration and Random Encounters is being revised from the ground up! Not only is it getting an upgraded “look and feel” for Print-On-Demand specifications, but it has been re-written entirely, and greatly expanded. Inside, you’ll find

  • A summary and cheat sheet of the wilderness travel rules from the Dungeon Master’s Guide alongside advice to spice that up into an old school-style hexcrawl.
  • A chapter of advanced hexcrawling rules featuring more options to increase or significantly reduce the complexity of hexcrawling based on your whims.
  • New downtime activities.
  • A player-centric chapter to get your group on-board with the idea of a hexcrawl campaign.
  • A whole new chapter that will turn part of the Forgotten Realms’ Sword Coast into a hexcrawl, with thoroughly researched encounter tables and set-piece encounter locations!

If you already purchased Hexcrawling, the PDF update will be yours for free, and the existing version will remain included as a separate PDF file! If you want it in print, you’ll get your chance with a greatly expanded, Forgotten Realms-specific, beautified version!

All four of these releases will feature beautiful, original cover art, maps by Elven Tower and Dyson Logos, and loads of tools, encounter tables, settlements, and NPCs to flesh out much of the region featured on the map above, as well as player-facing information and handouts. They aren’t just fun adventures or mechanics-heavy rules expansions, but useful supplements that expand on areas like Hardbuckler, provide players with advice and play aids, and give DMs ready-made NPCs, antagonists, and hazards that the party can face any time.

Best of all, both adventures and the Hexcrawling supplement will be available in Print-on-Demand through dmsguild.com as well as PDF!

Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements and teasers leading up to the release!

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