Firefly Roleplaying Game: Five Resources for Your Campaign

Margaret Weis’s Firefly The Role-Playing Game already has a large, built-in audience, which helps anyone looking to run a campaign with the game in a lot of really big ways. Among them are resources to create props, in-universe documents and currency, and glean expanded information that might otherwise not be present in a world that has been only lightly detailed by a short TV series run and a few comic book series.

Here are some links to sites, documents, and online tools that you can use to bring the world of Firefly and Serenity to life!

Firefly Role-playing Game

Aimin’ to misbehave? Yeah you are!

Map of the Verse

For the Verse as Joss Whedon envisions it, there’s the official Map of the Verse, but in staying true to that vision, doesn’t get too particular about travel times.

The Astrological Reference Charts (or ARC) by William T. Pace is a PDF that explores the verse in exhaustive detail, and as of this writing, is on Version 2.0, featuring new information, travel times, and errata sourced by the community of Firefly fans.

Online Generators

The Firefly RPG Tools website, created by Ramblurr of the Margaret Weis forums, features the following browser-based tools:

  • Name Generator
  • Travel Calculator
  • Ship Complications generator
  • Dice Pool Probability generator
  • Interactive Map of the Verse (experimental)

Planetary Info Generator

A more in-depth generator exists for Planetary Information in the form of a few tables by forum user gebeji; just roll some dice, read the results, mix and match to your heart’s content and you’ve got yourself a habitable (sometimes barely!) planet for the Player Characters to stir up some trouble on.

Update! Since MWP shutdown their forums, the Planetary Information tables are no more. I tried recovering it via the Wayback Machine but I don’t think it archives forum posts regularly enough for there to be anything that can be scrounged up. If you know differently, help us out!

Useful Fan Sites & Creations

There are probably more Firefly and Serenity fan websites than there are planets and moons in the Verse, but that doesn’t make all of the useful. The ones that are, however, feature tons of do-it-yourself crafts and projects to make lifelike props and tools for fan conventions, cosplay, and LARPs in the Firefly Universe.

The following links below happen to have an astounding amount of content available in PDF that you can use in nearly any conceivable Firefly-related roleplaying campaign. Explore the rest of each site to find even more.

  • Firefly Fans website – forms, PDFs, images, currency, and more.
  • Firefly Props website – this link features an entire fan-made settlement, but there are also extensive renderings and images of Firefly Verse currency and more.
  • Wrath of Zombie has published a PDF document titled “Firefly: The Complete Space and Sci-fi Kit. A Vornheim Hack” that converts the ideas and functional “mechanics” from Zak S’ Vornheim: The Complete City Kit to a sci-fi — specifically Firefly — setting. You can find it at the Wrath of Zombie blog, under “My Authored RPGs.”

Do you have any useful sites, resources, or tools? Post them in the comments section below!

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