Firefly Roleplaying Game: Serenity Adventures Conversions for Ghosts of the Rebellion

Serenity Adventures featured a handful of adventure scenarios for the Serenity Roleplaying Game published using the older version of the Cortex system (Cortex Classic) well before the new Firefly Roleplaying Game was released. In planning to run a few of the scenarios out of that book, I figured it’d be shiny to release my GMC and Boat conversions to the world for use with the Firefly Roleplaying Game.

In this article, I’ve posted the stats for the NPCs and boats featured in the adventure “Ghosts of the Rebellion.”

Serenity Adventures

Serenity Adventures

Ghosts of the Rebellion

The GMCs in this scenario have largely been created to be fairly weak, allowing it to be a great introductory scenario. To up the ante a bit for experienced players or if you are simply feeling like having some more Complications in play, concentrate on Saul Potter and Icarus Crane as sources of increased stakes in the adventure:

  • Up Saul Potter from a “Light” Major GMC to a “Medium” or even “Heavy” one.
  • When things are at their most climactic, use the story hooks on Serenity Adventures page 20, wherein Potter considers turning Sharpe in to the Alliance in order to get him the medical help he needs, and perhaps turns on Jerome and Hancock, whom he doesn’t trust. This could easily lead to a 3- or even 4-way battle.
  • For Icarus Crane, simply bump him up from a Minor GMC to a Light or Medium Major GMC, and give him a few Newtech devices to fight with. Stuff that can impose mobility problems for the PCs allows Crane to be a much more dangerous opponent without necessarily resorting to deadly weapons fire.
  • Alternatively, bump Crane up to a Major GMC (probably Light) and add a few buddies to back him up: other disgruntled Former Salvage Worker d6 or perhaps even some Triad Hitters d6 that he is in debt to and are making sure he gets out with the Browncoats’ riches that are supposedly stored on Freedom’s Glory.


Joseph “Eagle-Eye” Sarafina

“A deal’s a deal.”

Joseph “Eagle-Eye” Sarafina, horse trainer, hunting dog trainer, and owner of Sarafina’s Ranch on Whitefall (Athens / Georgia System).

Attributes: Mental d6, Physical d6, Social d6

Skills: Craft d6, Fight d6, Focus d6, Influence d8 (Animals), Move d6, Shoot d8, Survive d8, Trick d6

Animal Lover d8 Treat ’em right and they’re more loyal than people. Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8. Saddle Up: Spend 1 PP to create a d8 Asset representing a trusty animal companion (most likely a horse).

Not to be Crossed d8 Just so we’re clear: if you cross me, I will end you. Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 isntead of a d8.

Shrewd Patron d8 You run a business and are often in need of discreet agents. Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 isntead of a d8. Haggler: Double Mental when haggling over payment. Both 1s and 2s count as jinxes on the roll.

Signature Assets: “Wildbore” Long Rifle with Scope d6 Sarafina’s Ranch Hands 3d8

Joseph Chiu

Bar Man at The Slaughterhouse

Attributes: Mental d8, Physical d6, Social d6

Traits: OCD about the Bar d6, Intolerant of Religious Folk d4, Knows More Than You Think d6

Slaughterhouse Gun Hands 5D6

These are the bouncers of The Slaughterhouse and the minders of the rich cattle barons and such that frequent the place.

Hiram Clogg

Chubby gambler, married five times and in need of a good fighter to help him get outta debt.

Attributes: Mental d6, Physical d6, Social d6

Traits: Smooth Talker d8, The Ladies’ Man d4, “Old War Wounds” d6

“Black” Bill Watson

The champion of local “Fights,” a dirty-fightin’ bareknuckle boxer.

Attributes: Mental d4, Physical d10, Social d6

Traits: Can’t Hear You – Need My Listening Horn d4, Dirty Fighter d8, Grossly Overconfident d4

Patience’s Deputies 4D6

These Whitefall deputies work for Imogene Patience. They are mean, but they ain’t all that competent.

Gyrfalcon System Enforcer

Patience’s deputies use this 2-man, orbital fighter featuring dual autocannons to keep the peace.

Attributes and Skills: Engines d10, Hull d4, Systems d8, Crew d6 (see Patience’s Deputies)

Justice Class Alliance Gunship d8 Although these small two-man fighters have very short range, they pack quite a punch in or out of atmo. In the hands of a skilled pilot they can be mighty deadly. Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 isntead of a d8. Pilot Assisted Targeting: Step back Systems for an action to double the pilot’s Shout for an action.

In the Line of Duty d8 You an dyour crew are involved in some kind of official service. You may thingk of your shyip as yours, but you only have use of it while your boss or government allows it. Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 isntead of a d8.

Optimized for Atmo d8 Your boat has aerodynamic stabilizers and heat shielding. Both improve the smoothness of her ride when you’re flyin’ in a world’s atmosphere. Only trouble is, them modifications are mighty finicky. Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 isntead of a d8. Zig Zag: While in atmo, step back Engines for the rest of the scene to create a Nimble Ship d8 Asset.

Signature Assets: Dual Auto-Cannons d8 Flares and Chaff d8

 Browncoats On the Run

Roland Sharpe A.K.A. “Mr. James”

Sharpe is the former Browncoat Admiral who — having lost his shot at amnesty — is looking to break out one of his former ships (Freedom’s Glory) and fly off into the Black to escape Alliance oppression once and for all.

Attributes: Mental d8, Physical d6, Social d10

Skills: Fight d8, Fly d6, Focus d10 (Intimidate), Influence d12 (Command), Move d6, Notice d8, Shoot d6, Sneak d6, Survive d6 (Navigate), Trick d8

Decorated d8 You came back from the War with a medal and a story. You’re not sure if it was worth the cost. Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 isntead of a d8. You’re a Gorramn Hero: Spend 1 PP to double your Social when dealing with anyone who served on your side.

Driven d8 You are willing to pay the ultimate price to restore your good name. Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 isntead of a d8. Single Minded Pursuit: Gain a PP when you choose your goal over your own happiness or well-being.

On the Run d8 Someone’s after you—Alliance, the Triads, the Guilds, maybe all three. You’re a fugitive and you’re trouble. Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 isntead of a d8. Hide in Plain Sight: Spend 1 PP to reroll a die when you’re being pursued. On your next roll, both 1s and 2s count for Complications.

Signature Assets: My Walking Cane? Yeah, It’s Actually a Stun Baton d8

Saul Potter

Sharpe’s loyal-to-a-fault right-hand man, Potter acts as the “business man” of Sharpe’s crew.

Attributes: Mental d6, Physical d6, Social d6

Skills: Focus d8, Influence d10, Move d6, Notice d8, Sneak d6, Treat d8, Trick d8

Agent Provocateur d8 You’re a bad influence. Professionally. Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 isntead of a d8. Devil on the Shoulder: Spend 1 PP to double Trick or Influence when persuading someone to do something illegal.

Grace Under Pressure d8 There’s no need for violence, sir. Care for a glass of wine? Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 isntead of a d8.

Stalwart Friend d8 You can count on me so long as stars burn in the black. Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 isntead of a d8. Kind Words: Once per scene when you take the time to comfort a friend, spend 1 PP to step back a friend’s emotional Complication.

Signature Assets: Gentleman’s Fine Clothing d6 Service Revolver d6

Jerome Budge

Imposing infantryman, haunted by memories of the war that went so wrong for he and his friends and family.

Attributes: Mental d6, Physical d8, Social d6

Traits: Compact & Powerful Frame d8, Searching for Inner Peace d6, Haunted by the War d4

Brutus Hancock

A grim ex-Marine who gets by coming off as an ice-cold mercenary, but is really just looking to put his cooking skills to use and forget about the war that broke him.

Attributes: Mental d6, Physical d10, Social d6

Traits: Deadly With Anything d8, Imposing Gaze d6, Expert Cook d8

Innocents & Opposition

Salvage Yard Workers d6

Suited up in armor and wielding highly-powerful laser cutting torches, these guys are skilled workers…but ultimately, just want to do their job and be left alone.

Icarus Crane

“Blue Sun fired me for lifting a few devices and selling them on the blackmarket. Only I never did that. I never sold those things at all. I kept them for myself…”

Icarus Crane, disgruntled former Blue Sun R&D technician.

Attributes: Mental d6, Physical d6, Social d6

Traits: Groveling Coward d8, Deadly Newtech d8, Disgruntled & Unemployed d4

Blue Sun Guards d8

These armed and armored goons may pilot Gyrfalcons (see above) or the equivalent of Womack’s ASREV (Firefly rulebook page 122) if chasing any boats down. Otherwise, these are your elite corporate security, paid to solve problems. Asking questions isn’t necessarily their highest priority…

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  1. Allen Shock says:

    Thanks! Saved me a ton of work 🙂 would be cool to see mote of this! Especially Out In The Black.

    • neuronphaser says:

      Glad you liked it!

      Fortunately, it’s not that hard to do these sorts of conversions; this should serve as a template. Converting all of the characters for Out In The Black would definitely be a big process, but here’s the trick (and what helped me get through Ghosts of the Rebellion, too): just do the ones you need for the next session, plus one or two more. In no time, you’ll have everyone done!

      The other thing to keep in mind with Serenity RPG vs. Firefly RPG is this: GMC stats aren’t “fixed” in Firefly, but instead scale to the challenge you need to present to your playing group. Thus, while I could do a ton of conversion work for people, the fact is that they may be running the adventure with more or less experienced characters, and that could drastically change not only what die ratings you want to use (what level of GMC), but also the events of the campaign could really change up who becomes a Major GMC vs. a Minor one.

      Apologies if that comes off as a sort of non-answer, but that’s my philosophy behind this conversion. Ghosts is geared towards starting characters very specifically because of this.

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