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Article updated 2/13/17 to account for new HEAD SHOT! art & layout!

If you’re one of the fine folks that purchased HEAD SHOT! A Zombie Apocalypse Hack for Cortex Plus Action Roleplaying via DriveThruRPG, you probably just got an update that I’ve added a character sheet to the download!

Head Shot Character Sheet (click for the PDF version)

Head Shot Character Sheet (click for the PDF version)

There are two versions:

  1. The PDF version (click the image above)
  2. The Form-Fillable PDF version (click here for that one)

We’ve added both to the Free Stuff page for your convenience.

This is a beautifully re-designed version — my original one sucked — done by Craig Judd, creator of the PowerFrame RPG, layout guru and artist on Fear the Living, Blade Bind, Bulldogs! and others, and editor for titles like Tenra Bansho Zero, Golden Sky Stories, and Lamentations of the Flame Princess!

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