Hexcrawling: Wilderness Exploration and Random Encounters

Now live at the Dungeon Masters Guild is Hexcrawling: Wilderness Exploration and Random Encounters as a Pay What You Want PDF. Feel free to try it out and if you like it, throw a couple bones at it!

While it is based heavily on my two-part Wilderness Exploration articles (Getting Lost and Random Encounters), I have revised the system from the ground up for clarity, re-wrote and re-ordered the presentation of information to better integrate the two portions, and created a large number of brand spankin’ new encounter tables to fit the hex map I made (using Hexographer) for the Treasures of a Dragon’s Corpse adventure that will likely see a revision and end up on the DMs Guild as well.

And for those following along, I’ll be updating the Calendar of Harptos within the next week or so to include many updates that have been requested by purchasers, including a more interesting layout, holiday/festival reference information, and an index.

Check back often, and let me us know what else we can do to optimize your tabletop roleplaying game experience!

Hexcrawling: Wilderness Exploration and Random Encounters

Hexcrawling: Wilderness Exploration and Random Encounters

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