Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem free preview version now available at the Dungeon Masters Guild

Just added to the Dungeon Masters Guild: Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem (Free Preview Edition)!

This adventure for characters of levels 4-6 covers the ground floor of a three level experimental facility created by modrons! Build centuries ago to perform bizarre tests involving portals to the elemental planes, this abandoned facility was designated XK-247, and this particular floor is all about experiments involving water.

But if that sounds like a rather simple plot, get ready, because there’s way more than that going on! Let’s take a look.

Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem (Free Preview Edition)

Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem (Free Preview Edition)

Here’s the product description blurb:

The mountaintop facility designated XK-247 was created by the modrons as a place to study the effects of elemental portals on prime material world geography and settlements. Located in a mountain beside the High Moor and overlooking a githzerai monastery on the edge of the Serpent Hills, the bizarre specter of this facility remains a constant source of peculiarities, even though the modrons have long ago abandoned the place.

Seeking to reconcile its rogue modron status and rejoin the hierarchy of Mechanus, the quadrone dubbed Roguelike has led a band of mischievous mephits to the facility to send them through portals back to the Elemental Chaos from which they sprang, surely an act of law that will please Roguelike’s former superiors. But one among the mephits has proven to be a traitor aligned with a band of githyanki who even now attempt to turn the facility to their own ends and destroy the peaceful githzerai monks of nearby Margrim Abbey…

This 16 page adventure includes:

  • The introduction to the full-length version of Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem, plus a quick run-down of important NPCs so you don’t have to wait for the full version to continue the player’s adventures.
  • The entire text of Level 1: The Water Laboratory, featuring intricate mechanical puzzles and arcane technology that only the modrons could devise!
  • 20 highly detailed encounter areas.
  • Several detailed NPCs with their own motives and goals, including Roguelike the modron, several of his cantankerous and mischievous mephit followers, and the long-dormant guardians of modron facility XK-247.
  • Encounters, traps, and roleplaying that reward exploration, interacting with the environment, and tumbling to the dark of the modron’s experiments!
Introduction & layout for Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem

Introduction & layout for Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem

The final version of this adventure will feature three complete levels — the Water Laboratory you see here, an Operations/Control level and Fire Lab, and a Sky Lab — as well as surrounding settlements and wilderness encounter locations.

All of the levels of XK-247 are interconnected not only by an elevator made of glassteel that must be unlocked and powered up, but also somewhere around a dozen unique devices that affect one another in various ways to perform the experiments that the facility once was used for. Nearly all of these are clever connections that require some things to be powered up, activated, moved, or otherwise manipulated.

So, what you’re getting is a crazy facility that’s as dangerous as it is mysterious to all three parties of interlopers — the PCs, the githyanki, and the modron and his erstwhile mephit charges — has its own guardians, and has an almost MYST-like series of devices that can be manipulated to alter various locations or aspects of the facility.

Map based on Dyson Logos "The Corrupted Water Temple"

Map based on Dyson Logos “The Corrupted Water Temple”

Best of all, this adventure uses maps that have been made commercially available by Dyson Logos; the map above is The Corrupted Water Temple. Each level’s map was chosen specifically for how it might integrate with the larger whole, in terms of lining up properly with the levels above and below, as well as for carrying out the functions of the various experiments the modrons once handled through this facility. These gorgeous maps no doubt had a heavy hand in inspiring the various arcane controls and archaic devices used by the modrons, and the fact the players will get to experience these maps in an interactive way ensures that Modrons, Mephits and Mayhem will be an experience they’ll never forget!

Pick up the free preview version of Modrons, Mephits and Mayhem at the Dungeon Masters Guild today, and look for the full version of the adventure with all three levels and some bonus material coming in Fall 2017!

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