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Okay, so I’m sure some of you don’t care about my D&D-related posts (or at least my DMsGuild-related ones) so I promise I’ll be mixing things up a bit more, aside from some upcoming reviews. That said, one quick heavy-petting of my ego: I’ve changed the cover page layout of my Dungeon Masters Guild releases with my latest release, Optional Rules & Random Tables Indexes.

Check out the new cover!

Optional Rules & Random Tables Indexes

Optional Rules & Random Tables Indexes

It’s a pretty minor change-up compared to previous releases, with biggest change being that I added in a variation on the neuronphaser logo. I call this the “D&D variant” as it puts my site’s favicon d20 (an image I modified from the free clipart here) next to the name; it kinda ties in the red text headers and random horizontal line breaks, too, which is nice.

I also made the Credits section jive with the general layout found in WOTC’s books, and reduced the Dungeon Masters Guild logo to a little footnote area next to the legal blurb. Hopefully this helps my stuff break a little from the pack in all those scrollers at DMsGuild.

I’ve seen the advice on adding more cover-like images, or changing up the background from white, but I’m just not really seeing the benefit there, especially if people print this stuff. Thoughts?

In fact, feel free to just drop a comment and let me know what you think, or what you do on your Dungeon Masters Guild releases.

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