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I don’t know if writing a news update of what we’re working on is a sign of “making it” in some form or it’s because of our incredible egos. But we’ve been pumping out products on Dungeon Masters Guild at a furious pace, working on some more of our patented super-detailed reviews, and we got picked to edit some stuff for fellow Dungeon Masters Guild writers. So, it seems like a good idea to tell people who care what’s going on in front of — and behind — the scenes.

So let’s see what’s just been released and what’s coming up!

Old School Hacks Vol. 1: Hexcrawling - Wilderness Exploration and Random Encounters

Old School Hacks Vol. 1: Hexcrawling – Wilderness Exploration and Random Encounters

New Covers

Artist and layout guru Elena Naylor — who created the cover art for Head Shot! and is now doing layout on some other releases as well — created a beautiful new cover for Hexcrawling: Wilderness Exploration and Random Encounters, our Platinum Best Seller on the Dungeon Masters Guild! This guide to running more detailed hexcrawl-style campaigns and creating fun, evocative random encounter tables in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is what really put us on the map, so it’s only right that it gets a gorgeous cover to go along with its companion in the Old School Hacks series, Player Roles. Hexcrawling is also getting a full re-write and pro-layout by Elena in the coming months. based on extensive feedback since the product was released back when the DMs Guild first opened up in January 2016.

Cortex Plus Cheat Sheets

Cortex Plus Cheat Sheets

Meanwhile, our own skills with graphics have improved — not by much, but a little — so we’ve rebranded our internally-created covers for all of our products, giving them a little bit more of a semi-pro look, as opposed to our old “This is horrifyingly ugly” look. ;-P To be totally honest, it’s mostly just that there’s so much great, community-released artwork that it’s just a matter of finding a thematic piece of art created by a pro, slapping on the title with an eye towards some small amount of graphic design knowledge, and getting other people’s eyes on the stuff.

Pro Tip for Community Creators: Covers do matter, so make ’em good!

Veil Down Conquered! (Free Preview Edition of Kobolds vs. Ogres!)

Veil Down Conquered! (Free Preview Edition of Kobolds vs. Ogres!)

Adventure In Editing!

Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem (Free Preview Edition)

Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem (Free Preview Edition)

Ken Carcas is a name that comes up in every community of DMs Guild writers as the guy to go to for editing, and our first full-length adventure, Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem, has just headed off to him for a thorough editing job. Just a couple days in and he’s already got amazing feedback and clearly knows what makes a winning product!

There’s already a free preview on the Dungeon Masters Guild of the first level of Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem‘s feature dungeon, the modron-created facility XK-247. Check it out, and be prepared for two more levels of adventure, tons roleplaying content before the party even gets to the facility, and a fantastic final layout courtesy of Elena!

Destination: Chult!

DMs Guild archetype- and spell-creator extraordinaire Jeremy Forbing is taking the lead on what is currently a huge project of class archetypes, spells, and more for the Chult region of Faerun in preparation for this Fall’s Tomb of Annihilation by Wizards of the Coast! Head honcho of Tim Bannock has been tasked with editing the spells! Look for this release in late Summer or early Fall.

On the Horizon

We’re currently working on the following projects…and yes, every adventure we write will probably have its title end with an exclamation point!!!1!!?

Modrons, Mephits & Mayhem! Full-length adventure for mid-level characters coming in early Fall.

Epic Rap Battles of Faerun! (Tentative title.) Full-length adventure for high-level characters coming in early Fall. This adventure uses Dyson Logos’ Mapper’s Challenge II: The Deep Halls as well as inspiration taken from a joke by Tony Petrecca on Facebook. Remember, this adventure is his fault:

Tony Petrecca: Art includes - M.C. Chill and the ILL-Lith-Kid! Sorry I couldn't help myself. I'll show myself out.

Proof it’s Tony’s fault!

Kobolds vs. Ogres! Full-length adventure for early- to mid-level characters coming in the Fall (maybe Winter, depending on playtests). This adventure features a whole section on playing monsters and running mass battles between monstrous forces! (There’s a free preview of one chapter at the DMs Guild called Veil Down Conquered!)

Old School Hacks Vol. 3. This guide will be all about urbancrawls, a form of hexcrawling in a metropolis. Probably not out until early 2018, this guide will use Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate as templates for entire campaigns where you might not ever leave the city walls.

Cortex Prime Community Content. Despite some variation of “Dungeon Masters Guild” appearing about 500 times in this article alone, we haven’t stopped loving Cortex-powered roleplaying games, and with the recent success of the Cortex Prime Kickstarter, we’ll be doing a bunch of stuff. First up are a one-page conversion document for Head Shot!, a Prime-version of the Cortex Plus Cheat Sheets, and a new secret project for Cortex Prime that has been hinted at in several places, but we’ll just leave you with this picture as a thematic idea (image and inspiration from Redbeard’s Ravings).

Faction Connection Diagram from Redbeard's Ravings: Faction Connections in a Megadungeon

Faction Connection Diagram from Redbeard’s Ravings: Faction Connections in a Megadungeon (Click the pic to read the article)

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