Old School Hacks Vol. 2: Player Roles is now available at the DMsGuild!

The latest Dungeon Master’s Guild release from neuronphaser is Old School Hacks Vol. 2: Player Roles, and it’s available today! For $3.95, you get:

This guide for players and DMs provides advice, options, tools, and handouts for helping your DM make the game easier to run, as well as adding Old School-style gameplay to 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Take the role of caller, mapper, timekeeper, quartermaster, or rules coordinator and use the provided handouts and illustrations to optimize your D&D games!

Let’s see what’s inside!

Old School Hacks Vol. 2: Player Roles

Old School Hacks Vol. 2: Player Roles

This book is a distillation of 30+ years of D&D (and other!) roleplaying experience, designed to be immediately useful at any game table. The advice, tips, and tools included are geared towards giving players the initiative and ability to take on responsibilities that are often performed by the Dungeon Master or only considered as they come up in play, leading to slapdash half-measures and disorganized notes. Picking up at the next gaming session from these messy shopping lists, shorthand journals, and all of that makes for a rough time on any gaming group. Tracking consumables, remembering whose passive Perception is what score, and remembering the best marching order for a given situation are all problematic unless you have the right tools for the job.

And that’s what this guide provides in spades!

Table of Contents for Player Roles

Table of Contents for Player Roles

As you can see, we took a page from old school roleplaying games 101 and took the player roles of caller, mapper, and so on that have often been mentioned in recollections and remembrances of the gaming days of yore with Gygax, Arneson, and crew. But we’ve married those ideals with modern advice, streamlined tools, and some variants to not just give an “old school feel,” but also to improve everyone’s experience at the gaming table when they are running 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons (or just about any fantasy RPG, for that matter).

2-page spread from Player Roles

2-page spread from Player Roles

But my favorite part — if I may be so selfish! — is that artist and layout designer Elena Naylor took my rough sketches of these forms and handouts and turned them into beautiful, elegant tools for gamers to print out and use at their table starting with the very next session of play. Her eye for simplicity in design and fairytale-style artwork gives everything about Player Roles a unique touch. The Party Tracker above is just one of many handouts included in the book, so there’s a lot more for you to soak in and use at your next game night.

Pick up Old School Hacks Vol. 2: Player Roles at the Dungeon Master’s Guild today!

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