Ryuutama: Resources for the Natural Fantasy RPG

Updated from the original August 2016 article.

While the Ryuutama RPG’s creators run a fantastic website with a list of resources for the game, a small treasure trove of additional scenarios, add-on rules, and campaign world building advice exists on the internet. Let’s take a look at some of these, and I’ll try to update this as new things pop up!

(If you see something that should be included, shout out in the comments!)

Ryuutama: Natural Fantasy RPG english cover

Ryuutama: Natural Fantasy RPG english cover

Official Site

Ryuutama website by the creators, Kotodama Heavy Industries.

  • Resources page, featuring PDFs of the many character, scenario, and setting-building sheets, as well as a few expansion products and scenarios.

Social Communities

Google+ Community for Ryuutama.

Ryuutama discussion on Reddit.

Reference Material

A pretty impressive Rules Reference Sheet hosted on Google Docs that covers…everything, I think, from the core book. (Reddit link here.)

A hi-rez, full-color version of the Battlefield Map used to stage combat encounters.

Ryuutama Dragonica, an online database of the monsters in Ryuutama.

Here’s the transcript of a lengthy interview with Matt Sanchez, one of the translators of Ryuutama. Great insights and background material.

Character Sheets

Nightstaff Games (who you’ll see mentioned again, below) have created a deceptively simple Inventory Sheet and Pack Animal Sheet. Make sure to check out the sample versions, as this shows you how to manage Ryuutama’s “item slot” inventory system, taking into account how carrying items (backpacks, pouches, etc.) take up less slots but hold more items.

Want some auto-fill character sheets you can access online at any time (or, of course, print out if you’re one o’ them Old Skool folks), here’s a couple:

Homebrew & Scenarios

A Character Randomizer for building random characters (or Traveler NPCs).

Tsundoku Flux offers three homebrew classes:

The Town of Ifa, a scenario revolving around a sudden rain storm and a Koneko Goblin that has lost something important to it.

Grimm Tale Games:

Another World features a sample campaign setting that explores fairy themes and locations, in a slightly darker vein.

Nightstaff Games has an article featuring Ryuutama Town Generation Tables to help quickly and randomly generate town attributes in the same way the rulebook does, allowing for plenty of player-inspired building but without some foreknowledge of the important aspects of the town.

The Game Mechanic has some prep-work and maps for two scenarios:

Matt Sanchez — one of Ryuutama’s English translators — has offered up a scenario titled “The Witch of Blathsby” (via Google Docs) on this Reddit thread (it’s a bit of a Halloween theme, featuring a Black Ryuujin).

Here’s a bunch of new races for players to try out! Included are:

  • Cutebolds
  • Dwarves
  • Elaphine
  • Elf
  • Fairies
  • Fey Corgi
  • A new look at Humans
  • Humanoid Trees
  • Witch
  • Ghost

Again, if you know of something that should be included, comment here and we’ll add it!

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