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Review: Belly of the Beast Roleplaying Game

Belly of the Beast Roleplaying Game

Belly of the Beast is a roleplaying game with a terrifyingly unique premise: the players are scavengers living in the guts of a giant, world-eating monster. The entire game is laser-focused on hardy, grim survivors collecting whatever tools, technology, and

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Review: Hunt the Wicked Roleplaying Game

Hunt the Wicked Roleplaying Game

Remember how cool that scene is in The Empire Strikes Back when Darth Vader is inspecting a row of bounty hunters and says “No disintegrations” rather pointedly? Yeah, everyone remembers that, because it’s the coolest scene ever, and sadly doesn’t

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Review: Cornerstone Universal Roleplaying Game

Cornerstone Universal Roleplaying Game

The Cornerstone Universal Roleplaying Game is another creation from Ben Dutter and Sigil Stone Publishing, this one a genre-neutral means of creating narrative-driven games in any milieu with a light-yet-robust system where — like many of Ben’s RPGs — the

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