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Dungeons & Dragons 5E: The Daggerdale Campaign Threats

Zhentarim Symbol

Daggerdale during the AD&D 2nd Edition-era is full of cool stuff: its rightful ruler (Randal Morn) runs an open resistance against the Zhentarim that occupy Dagger Falls and the northern trade route; a resurrected Mage-Lord is inflicting a terrible plague

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1E: What You Need

Player's Handbook wraparound cover

One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to any roleplaying game is “where do I start?”. When you’ve got a 300 pound gorilla like Dungeons & Dragons dominating the field 30+ years after its birth, it’s only natural

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Dungeon World: Planescape Heritage Moves

Planescape: Torment in LEGOs

Since Dark Heart of the Dreamer was released for Dungeon World, the “story-first” mechanics and the Heritage Moves have often been hailed as a perfect fit for the Planescape campaign setting. Heritage Moves can help promote the racial, Faction, and other relationships that player characters

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Dungeon World: Adventure Conversion for Kill Bargle!

Kill Bargle

Straight from the beloved Red Box (Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set, Player’s Manual and DM’s Rulebook now available at D&D Classics!) comes a short, 3-level dungeon crawl to kill the nefarious villain Bargle, who killed a cleric named Aleena in

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Books to Help You Become a Better Game Master

Grumpy Cat as Dungeon Master

Game Master. Dungeon Master. GM or DM. Referee. World builder. Storyteller. Whatever you call it, it’s easy to rely on your game of choice’s Game Master guide, but there’s a wealth of really good books that tackle the subjects of

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Review: Unwritten – Adventures in the Ages of MYST and Beyond

Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of MYST and Beyond

Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of MYST and Beyond is a Fate Core-powered RPG that focuses on solving mysteries, successfully completing puzzles that give you deeper insight into the setting’s mythology, and forming powerful relationships to answer truly epic questions,

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