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Tips for Using Published Campaign Settings

The DIY Attic D&D Gaming Room by Gregory Han

You’ve got the D&D 3rd Edition-era Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, or maybe the Eberron Campaign Setting. Maybe you’ve read every damn one of those Dragonlance novels. Ever check out how many publications exist for the prolific Savage Worlds fantasy setting,

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Note-taking for Published Adventures

Storm King's Thunder adventure flowchart

Awhile back, I posted an article covering a number of steps for in-depth preparation a Game Master can do to make published adventures run more smoothly and personalize them. As with all things, folks have all sorts of different learning

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The Monsters Know What They’re Doing – A New Blog

I think he caught an Aboleth.

neuronphaser.com is pretty happy to promote the works of others — I mean, 100% of my articles in the Resources section have long lists of links to the brilliant work of other folks in the gaming community — but sometimes there’s

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Stealth, Hiding, and Invisibility in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Stealth check fail

6/18/2017 UPDATE: Although the original text of this article remains below, it’s really only a primer that barely scratches the surface. I can admit when I don’t do something justice, especially when there’s a thing that does do a subject

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The Dungeon Master’s Binder

Henchmen and setting material

The Dungeon Master’s binder is a fantastic tool for organizing your campaign notes, house rules, player handouts, and general advice for running the game. There are several sites and even books that talk about these binders and what to put

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Dungeons & Dragons 5E: A Variants and Options Checklist from the Dungeon Master’s Guide

Dungeon Master's Guide

The Dungeon Master’s Guide includes nearly a score of specific mechanics and options that it calls out as Optional or Variant rules. All of these are simple, effective ways to manipulate the core mechanics of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition to

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Table Rules for Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Look!!! A distraction

The social contract defines how roleplayers interact within their dedicated groups, playing pickup games or D&D Encounters at their local gaming store, and when they drop into a game at a Con. We’ve certainly seen folks wield that phrase on message boards

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Seven Tips for Playing RPGs Online

Super heroes rolling a natural 20

The following article provides a fantastic look at the benefits, pitfalls, and resources for playing tabletop RPGs online, and is our first guest article written by Jaye Foster, the mind behind the Age of Legends Kickstarter. Also, the images are my fault.

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Playstyle 102: The Problems of GMPCs and Bait & Switch

Hello my name is Mary Sue

There are times when they corrupting hand of the Dark Side takes hold of an enterprising Game Master, creating two of the biggest threats a campaign can ever face: the Game Master Player Character (GMPC) and the Bait-and-Switch campaign. It

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Playstyle 101: The Game Master’s Side of the Screen

DM's Keep Dungeon Master Screen

For some Game Masters, getting into the hobby is as simple as picking up a game, reading through it a time or two, and gathering some friends. For everyone else, there’s a million different ways to dive in, or dip your toes.

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