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Brainstorming: Zombie Apocalypse for Cortex Plus Action

Zombe Apocalypse: Preparation Level Genius

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time: how would you run a Zombie Apocalypse in the Cortex Plus family of games? Every time it comes up, the ineffable Cam Banks — who may or may not have had

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Robotech: Managing Multiple Attacks in the Palladium System

Robotech: Battlecry screenshot

When somebody picks up a book titled Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Roleplaying Game or RIFTS Ultimate Edition, they are looking for one thing and one thing only: a pile of action! Managing the large number of actions available to Palladium characters isn’t an

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Dungeons & Dragons: Roll High Perception Checks for Old School D&D

Spot Checks

Since D&D 3rd Edition came along and unified the resolution system for most rolls to a “1d20 + modifiers, beat the target number (DC)” there’s been a small but occasionally vocal crowd that has wondered why perception-based checks end up

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Dungeons & Dragons 4E: The Forgotten Realms Arcane Age Conversion


Back in the days of AD&D 2nd Edition there was a series of supplements and novels for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting known as The Arcane Age, detailing the lands, people, and conflicts that toppled some of the most expansive empires

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Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of Myst and Beyond: Age Creation Checklist

Obduction, by the creators of Myst

Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of Myst and Beyond features a fantastic set of tools for creating Ages: alternate realities and worlds that often feature unique natural resources, a single altered physical law of reality, or some ingenious, steampunk-inspired piece

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Dungeon World: Planescape Heritage Moves

Planescape: Torment in LEGOs

Since Dark Heart of the Dreamer was released for Dungeon World, the “story-first” mechanics and the Heritage Moves have often been hailed as a perfect fit for the Planescape campaign setting. Heritage Moves can help promote the racial, Faction, and other relationships that player characters

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Tracking Initiative in Roleplaying Games

Dragon Attacks U - Roll for initiative PLZ

Nearly every tabletop RPG in existence has some manner of determining initiative, whether during combat (most often) or even during non-combat encounters, such as interaction or exploration. It provides a useful, fair order of operations that allows every player a chance

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Dungeons & Dragons 4E: Encounter-specific Stunts and Maneuvers

D&D Bar Room Brawl

To encourage thematic stunts and special maneuvers in Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition (ala the [in]famous Dungeon Master’s Guide p. 42), use the following steps to create 1-3 pre-built Combat Stunts for each important encounter (i.e. all encounters in D&D

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Dungeons & Dragons 5E: Final Fantasy Tactics Meets D&D – Basic Rules

Final Fantasy Tactics logo

Among the Final Fantasy series of games, Final Fantasy Tactics is among a small group that made an indelible mark on my tabletop roleplaying experience, providing themes and mechanics that I’ve tried to duplicate in some form or another for

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1E: Simple Initiative System

Human pets your tummy, roll initiative

Initiative is arguably one of the most maligned things in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, given the response to the not-so-clear rules presented in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. It has spawned its own free document called ADDICT that’s TWENTY FREAKIN’ PAGES LONG, which

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