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Review: Stairway of V’dreen for Crimson Dragon Slayer

Stairway of V'dreen

Continuing to support the in-house Crimson Dragon Slayer system, Kort’thalis releases Stairway of V’dreen, a sandbox adventure in a world that is steadily being erased as its erstwhile gods have moved on to other creations. Further embracing the zaniness of

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Review: Slaves of Tsathoggua for Crimson Dragon Slayer

Slaves of Tsathoggua

Slaves of Tsathoggua is an old-school style dungeon crawl adventure for the Crimson Dragon Slayer 1.11 One Hour Game roleplaying game. It’s very much in the weird fantasy/sci-fi genre, featuring gonzo technology and a wild assortment of monstrous creatures, bizarre

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Review: Crimson Dragon Slayer 1.11 One Hour Game

Crimson Dragon Slayer 1.11 One Hour Game

Crimson Dragon Slayer 1.11 One Hour Game is a condensed and slightly revised version of the namesake game, cutting out the intentionally gonzo implied setting to instead create an incredibly quick-to-play, barebones D&D retroclone that can be taught and played

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Review: Crimson Dragon Slayer

Crimson Dragon Slayer by Kort'thalis Publishing

Crimson Dragon Slayer is an OSR game that turns the bog-standard mechanic “roll a d20 and add some stuff” into a fun d6 dice pool system that’s at once simple and also contains enough permutations for some awesome tricks. While the game

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Review: Meta Dice by Bill Edmunds

Meta Dice are a great custom, multipurpose six-sided die that covers standard dice rolls (providing a result of 1 through 6), FATE-style success/fail checks, yes/no results, and even hit locations! If you want dice that can cover a myriad of

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