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Review: Dead Reign Zombie Role-Playing Game

Dead Reign Zombie Role-Playing Game core rulebook

Dead Reign is surrounded by drama and continues to use an outdated system married to a disorganized design, like so much of Palladium Books’ releases. But what surprised and shocked me was that it was the most complete and cleaned-up

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Robotech: Managing Multiple Attacks in the Palladium System

Robotech: Battlecry screenshot

When somebody picks up a book titled Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Roleplaying Game or RIFTS Ultimate Edition, they are looking for one thing and one thing only: a pile of action! Managing the large number of actions available to Palladium characters isn’t an

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Review: Robotech RPG Tactics Rulebook

Robotech RPG Tactics rulebook

There are two facts at play, here: (1) I’m a ridiculously huge fan of Robotech, and (2) Robotech RPG Tactics has been out for a little while already, at the time I’m writing this review (it Kickstarted in mid-2013 and

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