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Curse of Strahd As A One-Shot

Strahd astride his nightmare steed

The idea of boiling down the iconic adventure Curse of Strahd is one that isn’t exactly promising for a few reasons: Strahd works best when he shows up several times, there’s a lot of backstory conveyed through locations and NPCs

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Curse of Strahd DM’s Kit & Screen Now Available

Curse of Strahd DM's Kit & Screen

UPDATE 4/18/2016: This product is back up and all logo issues are fixed Please check it out, and if you like it please rate and review! The Curse of Strahd imperils the player characters at every turn when they enter

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Review: Curse of Strahd

Curse of Strahd

Curse of Strahd is at once the strongest of the official Dungeons & Dragons adventures, and a slightly worrying business move; hopefully this doesn’t signal a shift towards retelling classic modules in order to bump up the sales numbers. Assuming that

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