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Curse of Strahd As A One-Shot

Strahd astride his nightmare steed

The idea of boiling down the iconic adventure Curse of Strahd is one that isn’t exactly promising for a few reasons: Strahd works best when he shows up several times, there’s a lot of backstory conveyed through locations and NPCs

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Updating the 5th Edition Monster Spreadsheet

Work continues on the 5th edition D&D monster index!

Just a quick update: the 5th edition D&D Monster Spreadsheet (a Google Sheet) is being updated with all the terrain information contained in Kobold Press’ recent Monsters By Terrain PDF update for the Tome of Beasts.

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Review: Out of the Abyss

Out of the Abyss

If you’re looking for material to loot for your home game, this book is solid gold: evocative NPCs, a great variety of locations and plot threads, a superb mixture of railroady adventure path-style and wide-open exploration, and some incredibly iconic

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Review: Elemental Evil Player’s Companion

Elemental Evil Player's Companion

It’s simple, it’s focused, and it packs a mean punch! The Elemental Evil Player’s Companion is a free PDF (and cheap print-on-demand product) via Dungeon Masters Guild) that covers 4 vaguely elementally-inclined races and 43 new elementally-infused spells, providing players

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Review: Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set – 5th Edition

D&D Starter Set

When “lacks character creation” is your only argument against a starter set for a game that features free online Basic Rules (with character creation, no less!) in multiple formats and happens to be the premiere RPG on the market since the

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Review: Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide

Unsure of who the target audience is, Wizards of the Coast makes its first critical fumble with the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, a slim book featuring some real diamonds in terms of character creation (Backgrounds, Races, and Classes), but ultimately covering the

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Lost Mine of Phandelver Notes and Ideas for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Lost Mine of Phandelver

Lost Mine of Phandelver is an excellent starting adventure and mini-campaign that showed up in the D&D Starter Set for 5th edition, and even after several big adventure path releases it remains one of the best things that Wizards of

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Review: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide

Cover of the Dungeon Master's Guide

Dungeon Master’s Guides have to serve so many masters and cover so many topics that it’s almost a failing venture even before you’ve written the first word. That makes them hard to review, too, but in the case of 5th

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Review: Curse of Strahd

Curse of Strahd

Curse of Strahd is at once the strongest of the official Dungeons & Dragons adventures, and a slightly worrying business move; hopefully this doesn’t signal a shift towards retelling classic modules in order to bump up the sales numbers. Assuming that

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Review: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Player’s Handbook

Player's Handbook cover

Even if you don’t like 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons — to which I say, “You, good sir, are crazy-pants” — the Player’s Handbook is a gorgeous piece of work that expertly pulls together the largest swath of playable stuff

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