The Monsters Know What They’re Doing – A New Blog is pretty happy to promote the works of others — I mean, 100% of my articles in the Resources section have long lists of links to the brilliant work of other folks in the gaming community — but sometimes there’s a thing that comes along that just speaks to us in a way that cries out for some epic promotion.

Today, that thing is a new blog titled The Monsters Know What They’re Doing.

The Monsters Know (for short) is about spelling out monster tactics in D&D 5th Edition based on the monster’s traits, their preferred environments and lairs, and other typical features (traps, spells, terrain advantages) that factor into encounters with these monsters. Though technically “heavy on the rules,” this blog’s instructional style is very easy to read and will be of great help to new and old Dungeon Masters alike.

As someone who was always more into the world building and roleplaying, blogs like this are invaluable. I want to be better at monster tactics, I want appropriate Challenge Level monsters to appropriately challenge my players…blogs like this will help. So, thanks!

I think he caught an Aboleth.

I think he caught an Aboleth.

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