Updating the 5th Edition Monster Spreadsheet

Just a quick update: the 5th edition D&D Monster Spreadsheet (a Google Sheet) is being updated with all the terrain information contained in Kobold Press’ recent Monsters By Terrain PDF update for the Tome of Beasts.

You can head over to their website and download that file, the Monsters By Type PDF, and all the errata up to this point for free!

Work continues on the 5th edition D&D monster index!

Work continues on the 5th edition D&D monster index!

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7 comments on “Updating the 5th Edition Monster Spreadsheet
    • neuronphaser says:

      Glad you like it! Hopefully we’ll get the Fifth Edition Foes updates done soon and then round out the monster descriptions so that one day, this will be easier to update all at once as new books come out ;-P

  1. Fatbeard says:

    This is fabulous! However, shouldn’t the abbreviation for Storm King’s Thunder be SKT not STK?

  2. Ron says:

    This is outstanding! Do you have something like this for all the spells (including from the modules?


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