Veil Down Conquered Free Preview Edition now available at Dungeon Masters Guild

Just added to the Dungeon Masters Guild: Veil Down Conquered (Free Preview Edition)!

Veil Down Conquered is a chapter from my forthcoming adventure Kobolds vs. Ogres, which should be released in the Fall 2018. This chapter, presented here as a standalone adventure site, gives three to five player characters of levels 2-4 a chance to explore a halfling village that has been conquered by ogres seeking a new home. Of course, such big monsters trying to fit into such little homes will bring about equal parts mischief and horror!

But there’s more…

Let’s take a look at what this adventure site has to offer!

Veil Down Conquered!

Veil Down Conquered!

From the product description:

An adventure site for three to five characters of levels 2-4.

Veil Down Conquered is a free preview of the full-length adventure KOBOLDS VS. OGRES, coming in late 2018!

Veil Down is an affluent halfling village known for its vintners and farmers. Recent kobold incursions into the region around Veil Down have forced gangs of monsters closer and closer to civilized land…and this has brought a gang of ogres to the idyllic village!

After driving the halflings out, the ogres have attempted to make the best of their situation and turn the village into their new home, but in a village built for halflings, these ogres are going to have a hard time fitting in…

This adventure site contains a chapter from the forthcoming adventure Kobolds vs. Ogres, coming in late 2018. Fully presented as a standalone site, expanded gameplay content includes a much more in-depth look at the gnome town of Hardbuckler, briefly touched in Volo’s Guide to the Sword Coast and Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. Additionally, extensive random encounter tables round out the book, steeped in historical lore from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, presenting stunning mysteries, interesting sites to explore, and evocative NPCs and monsters.

This 20+ page adventure includes:

  • An encounter map for Veil Down village and regional Sword Coast hex map by Elven Tower Cartography, and additional artwork sourced from Patrick E. Pullen and other community creators!
  • A dozen named NPCs and monsters including survivors and potential allies for the players to encounter.
  • Eight detailed encounter areas with tactics, interaction details, treaure, and secrets galore!
  • The gnome village of Hardbuckler detailed with a dozen NPCs and notes on the renowned magical vaults and the magic that protects them.
  • Tables to quickly create new NPCs and even small villages in the region around Hardbuckler.
  • Massively detailed wilderness encounter tables for the Trielta Hills that take into account regional power players such as Elturgard and the serpentfolk-controlled Kingdom of Najara.
  • Evocative setting details gleaned from the Forgotten Realms’ storied past to create interesting sites, hazards, interaction, and combat encounters.

This chapter only begins the trials and tribulations players will face in Kobolds vs. Ogres!

Wanna see some screenshots?

2-page spread from Veil Down Conquered; cartography by Elven Tower Cartography

2-page spread from Veil Down Conquered; cartography by Elven Tower Cartography

And speaking of those tables that I so love to create:

Random tables from Veil Down Conquered

Random tables from Veil Down Conquered

It’s free, so check it out today and don’t hesitate to leave some comments and playtesting feedback, all of which gets considered for the final draft of Kobolds vs. Ogres, coming Fall 2018!

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